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Today, our background screeners in Kingston are having the prestigious roles in bringing the employment solution of numerous verification demands of clients. Our screeners are having the ability and knowledge to understand the requirements and intelligently move ahead in our processes to fulfill the entire demands by providing perfect background verification services in Kingston. The background screenings in Kingston are perfect actions to act upon entire verification needs clients working in other regions of Jamaica. The chief utilization of our background verification services in Kingston is to authenticate various kinds of credentials, testimonials, licenses and records for their truthfulness. Our verification services are accepted as the complete package of numerous independent checks especially prepared for providing the assistances in getting the verification for different purposes.

Identity Check: Today, Kingston Investigation industry is broadly coming across many such instances where people are found using fake identities to rupture the reputations of majority of the organization by pushing them for various losses. We are confident about such people that they play double standard in creating such acts. We excellently go in nabbing down all perpetrators who are duping them for hiding the identity for creating the harm and having undue favors and benefits. We have better insights to bring out these people in light for securing your organization from hazardous motives.

Why you should use an Identity Check and screening services?

  • To confirm the identity of a candidate if they pretend to be.
  • To bring out the cause behind identity thefts.

Criminal Check: Our superior information technology enabled us to get the information and Criminal/Police records of entire dreaded criminals to check the history or records for getting the advanced information to protect your business against risks of frauds.

Why you should use Criminal Background Checks in Kingston?

  • Avoid the risk of having employees who have Criminal Records.
  • To discover the offences committed by the employee as the future alert
  • To obtain the facility for having the court record check for all

Financial Check: The main intention of bringing this check is to ascertain the financial position of a candidate for getting a decision on whether to offer the charge of a position which is considered higher as compare to other positions within the company. We also take up the cases of Bankruptcy records, credit history check or other significant checks including directorship or shareholders information.

Why you should use financial checks?

  • To remove the risk of financial fraud committed by employee.
  • To avoid the risks associated with money laundering or dishonest conduct committed by employees.

Qualification Check: Qualification check has become the prominent demand of corporate businesses to confirm the education qualifications of candidates at the time of recruitments or after recruitment. The main purpose is to highlight the knowledge, intelligence and competency to determine the performance level of a candidate.

Why you should use Qualification check?

  • To validate the credentials, educational certificates and to anticipate the performance of an individual.
  • To maintain the credibility of the position offered to an employee.

It is required to have the background screening in Kingston for getting above mentioned checks, other than that we have some of the crucial checks on:

  • Social Security Number Trace/validation
  • Professional License Verification
  • Professional Credential Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Records Checks (MVR)
  • Financial Industry Searches
  • Workers' Compensation History
  • International Background Checks
  • Pre-Post Employment verification
  • Verification of registered documents
  • Verification of Director Identification Number (DIN)
  • Work experience verification

Superior in-country and global coverage

  • Customized screening solution for all global organization, right from the mailroom to the boardroom
  • The power to order, manage and review background checks via the Web or a pre-integrated solution
  • The most accurate and authentic information available
  • Quality searches processed through fastest means in minimum possible time
  • Unwavering commitment for legal compliance
  • All information passed through rigorous quality controls

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