IP Investigations in Kingston

Today Intellectual property investigators in Kingston provide many reasons to use them for various purposes where it is required by in-country brand owners to take the effective protection of their brands and withheld IP rights. Here, it is necessary to define various probabilities which may affect the brand reputations and subsequent threats to the IP rights. The present viabilities are coming in the form of huge counterfeiting leaving these people in the shocking state by accessing the huge availability of counterfeits of their brands and offer the challenge before these people as want they should do to protect their innovations and creativity. This is the reason of the huge rise of IP investigation services.

Our IP investigations are some of the most tactics processes provide the facilities to identify various kinds of risks coming to IP right owner through numerous challenging practices coming to reputed brands and services. Nowadays, this is effectively done by implementing impressive IP Investigations services in Kingston and various other places. The main objectives of IP Investigations are to detect such counterfeiters who are encouraged in the counterfeiting of products by circulating the counterfeited goods, services and industrial designs. It is proved that counterfeiting has become the one of the most sensitive issue worldwide where Kinston intellectual property investigators are contributing a lot by work in a way to show their alertness and observing capabilities in nabbing those culprits who is producing such products in this region. In addition to that, our IP investigators in Kingston are having tightened net top nab all counterfeiters by taking right kind of law enforcement actions for curbing the infringement activities in this region.

The supreme IP investigation services for your specific use are mentioned below:

  • Service of Cease & Desist Notices
  • IP Sample / Test Purchases
  • Law Enforcements Services
  • Trade Mark Purchases
  • Market Surveys/Vendor Information
  • Market Monitoring Services
  • Internet survey and monitoring services
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence
  • Customs Protection
  • Brand Integrity Audit Services
  • Counterfeiting / Infringement Investigations
  • IP Litigations Support Investigations
  • Gray Market / Parallel Trade Investigations
  • Conduct and organize criminal / civil seizures

Market Watch Programme

This is one of the most advanced procedures of IP Investigation services intelligently served by our investigators for proving the information on current marketing trends to find the availability of faked products and services where our professionals thoroughly survey the various markets and take a note of current marketing trends for confirming the entry and sale of counterfeit goods and circulation in reputed markets in order to confirm the location of such sources for gathering the evidences to conduct a raid and effective enforcement action. Our programs are obtainable by all where we do in a manner to regularly visit the markets at certain interval of time for getting an update of current market activities. This is to note that this particular service is provided only on the special requests of clients, thereafter our investigators make scheduled visits in entire markets after a fixed time in order to examine all discount and souvenir shops for ascertaining the sale or the distribution of infringed products and making you updated with latest trends continuing in the markets of Kinston concerning with your brands.

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Our Services

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Accident Claim Investigations
  • IP Rights Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Process Services
  • Background Verification Services
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