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The necessity of claim investigations is felt not only by the individual clients but also majority of insurance companies located in Kinston are looking forward to obtain more reliable and intelligent investigative processes for incorporating an effective system of observing fake and unrealistic claim processes taken up by dishonest and fraudulent claimants in the various parts of city. This is something very shocking to learn that when some facilities are brought out for the betterment of the society then what makes the people to take adverse and illegal use of that and same things are revealing through higher frauds in insurance sector. These factors pushed the higher demands of claim investigation services. This is the reason majority of individuals and companies are quite comfortable in using services provided by insurance fraud investigators and giving the optimistic protection from higher frauds in the insurance sectors especially in the matters related with fraudulent claims. Today, Claim investigations services in Kinston are utilized as the innovative step to secure the entire insurance claim procedures against the rising fraudulent activities which are often tried out by those people who are entice by vary lures and goes to an extent to induce various frauds and corruptions by formulating forged and faked claims.

The primary goals of our claim investigations are to bring the worthy environments of encouragement with eloquent insurance claim work adhered with sincerity and faith. Our claim investigators in Kingston are having the competency and caliber to recognize all insurance claims created by using forged material in order to acquire the compensations of insurance claim. In most of the cases, the nature of case determines the scope of investigations and decides that chances of getting a result to expose a fraudulent claim. Our Claim investigators are having better insights to divulge concealed facts which can be exposed by identifying the use of false material in claiming the amount. Our effective processes and superior technology are the considered as the best tools to identify suspicious claim cases with best confirmation of false material.

The premium claim investigation services provided by our investigators are described below:

  • Homicide/suicide investigations
  • Contestable Death investigation
  • Disappearance of the victim/witness investigations
  • Accidental Death investigations
  • Wrongful Death investigations
  • Subrogation and recovery services
  • Foreign Death of non-immigrants or non-residents

Our claim investigators in Kingston have got the recognition and popularity for being the most prestigious source for indentifying the fraudulent acts created in claims processes. It is because we utilize intelligent ways of finding the facts and taking the truth by conducting channelized operation and interviews which are mentioned below and goes in this manner:

  • nterview of beneficiary for knowing the whole procedure
  • Hospital/medical treatment/laboratory reports collections
  • Written/verbal/Video Statements from witnesses
  • Collection and analysis of Police Reports
  • Motor Vehicle Records/ accident reports
  • Medical Record Retrieval to know the range of injuries
  • Pharmacy Record Retrieval pertaining to prescription

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