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Muhammed and Associates greets all clients on behalf of its venerable private investigators. In the introduction of ours, we just want to say that we the Kingston Private investigators are prime asset of Muhammed and Associate, this is one of the highly innovative and most respectable investigative organization located in the mainland of Jamaica and flying high through its huge morale and unmated professionals and ethical services which are assumed to be the undeterred resources of its great success.

Today entire communities in various parts of Kingston are having more hopes and expectations from our firm and do respects the people interest and hopes which comes in the form of various kinds of investigative demands and necessities. It is because, they do know that we give the values to them and honorable respect their requirements and never ignore them by immediately acting over entire necessities and giving the best possible results to satisfy them all the way.

We are considered as the best by the people from all walks of life, there is a reason behind it and possibly it could be our unshakable attributes of higher determinations, rocking capabilities, huge energy and emancipating morale with acute awareness and knowledge to do a thing with perfection and gratification. The best thing in us which is liked by people of various societies remains hard working nature and logically attending a sensitive case and find the precluded fact and evidence to expose open a case.

On the other hand, our best featuring investigations and featuring services are most deadly weapons held by our professionals and greatly utilized for changing the face of a situation and transforming a condition. It is understood that our investigative processes are having that control to deliver the most effective and perfect answer of all kind of problems. Probably, this could be one of the reasons that in present we do have maximum number of investigative services for the intelligent use of people located in the city.

Due to this reason, our private investigators in Kingston are identified as the prime investigative source for acquiring most impeccable private Investigation Services in Kingston which are made possible by utilizing the intelligent processes of highly knowledgeable team of technically proficient and proven source of private investigations in Kingston. We are growing through our processes which are modernized in a way to meet investigative requirements of the people by covering entire region of Kingston and Jamaica by giving the quick and impressive services. Our investigations are holding best operational aptitudes to conclude the clients’ requirements with perfection and confidentiality.

We are the rising stars investigations in Kingston and have an endeavor to offer the quality service with professionalism and confidence and always ready to conduct best private investigations in Kingston which can be accessed by all for achieving the satisfaction level by finding the finest answer of entire sensitive issues. We take pride in serving the people at the very reasonable rates to cover the wide section of people from all walks of life.

For getting our services, kindly contact us on,our services are incorporated with effective time management, cost effectiveness and total satisfactory in work ethics.

About Muhammad and Associates, Kingston

Muhammad and Associates provides professional private investigations in all over the Jamaica and other major regions. We have integrated services to cover entire fields of common needs, our expertise is well defined to meet the total investigative needs of patron all around Kingston and the sound knowledge of our experts have inspired us to expand our area of work for giving extensive service on entire investigative sections, Genuinely our specialization in Debt Collection and process services arranged us to extend our specialties are trivial costs. We can assist you in any of the following areas:

  • Civil and Claims related Investigation
  • Asset Research and Tracing in Kingston
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Pre-employment and Background Investigations
  • Due Diligence and Association Discovery
  • Bad Debt Collections and Skip Tracing
  • Intellectual Property Investigations

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Our Services

  • Corporate Investigations
  • Accident Claim Investigations
  • IP Rights Investigations
  • Insurance Claim Investigations
  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Process Services
  • Background Verification Services
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